Soon there will be hockey…

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and I cannot wait. I have missed it ever so much. Somehow just the yelling and cheering is the best cheap therapy there is. I cannot wait until October 28th. Go Monsters! Here’s the schedule…

OK I’ve been bad…

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and totally neglected my blog for a while. In a way that’s good, as it means that my personal life is running more or less smoothly (as smoothly as life with a redhead can go), and there has been no hockey. I come back to find a comment by J. R. Lafferty – yes the awesome kickass Lafferty from the first Monsters team. That was so totally awesome it made my day. Possibly made my week. Lafferty, keep kicking ass dude, and we miss you ever so much.

I often joke…

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about “feral” or “free range” children – those kids at events who seem to have no parent or adult monitoring their behavior. My theory is if you teach children that they are the center of the universe and that there are no rules, shockingly when they grow up they think they are the center of the universe and there are no rules. This can lead to clashes with organized and civilized society. Recently I read this story from the Fresno Bee:

A 14-year-old Oakhurst girl who was electrocuted New Year’s Day when she stepped on a live downed power line following a single vehicle crash was identified as (name redacted), the Madera County Sheriff’s Department said. The Highway Patrol said she was driving a Mazda pickup at a high speed on Road 628 when she lost control and collided with a guide wire or a PG&E power pole.

1) 14 year old driving
2) at a high rate of speed
3) on New Year’s Eve after midnight
4) with another 13 year old kid in the car with her (is in the longer story)

Where the heck where her parents? Any supervision? Who taught a 14 year old how to drive? Why didn’t they know her whereabouts? I know they are grieving. I feel bad for them, but come on people – you bother to have a kid…heck you bother to have a pet – that comes with some responsibility.

The definition of overkill…

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So apparently this woman shot her two teenaged kids for being “mouthy.” Admittedly, teenagers can be obnoxious pains in the ass, but I think her response was not exactly proportionate. Nonetheless, I’m leaving a copy of the story on the pillows of all my nieces and nephews. 😛

Consistency is not a human virtue…

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So I’m cruising around on OK Cupid, mostly because apparently I am a masochist, and there’s this guy who says he is Christian and fairly serious about it. I’m fine with that – be whatever you want to be – except under looking for he’s got “casual sex.” Way to be Christian, dude.

While I am sort of seeing someone…

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I paid for six months on a certain dating site, so I still get matches in my email every day. I have come to the conclusion that membership to this particular online dating service is issued when guys get paroled. Some of the people have been downright scary. Also, dude in the stained wife beater holding the kid, you might want a better photo. Seriously.

Nerd payoff…

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So, I was heading down to Fresno the other day to run some errands and have dinner with Chris. Some friends are staying with me and their three year old daughter asked if I was going bye-bye. I said that indeed I was. She asked me where I was going, and I told her – Fresno, errands, Chris. She asked, “Chris?” (well, technically, Cwis?) and I replied, “You’ve met him – he was here last week.” She looked blank, so I tried to jog her wee memory with a description…tall? (Nothing…but then again everyone is tall to a three year old.) Long hair? (Nope) Musician? (OK, she’s not likely to see him play unless she gets the most awesome fake ID ever…) Tattoos? (Blank look – perhaps it is best that she doesn’t know that one). Finally, having some fun with it, I go with the most descriptive thing I can think of…”Pierced tongue?” To which I finally get a response….”Ewwwwwwwww” as she runs away. Totally cracked me up, and I got to tell him that he had, in absentia, horrified a three year old. I actually got to use “in absentia” since we both took Latin in high school. See, being a nerd in high school pays off. Really.

Internet friends…or, redheads can be evil bitches…and we’re good at it.

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Guy: every summer my best friends and i spend a week+ together
this year was the 7th consecutive year
first one in vegas, though

Me: ah

Guy: i did wind up making a profit, though

Me: yeah?

Guy: if 100% is breaking even at the casinos i ended the week at 175%

Me: cool…got your dollar back plus $.75? awesome!

Guy: yup…so back to coming to see me

Me: yes?

Guy: i think it would be the best use of your time

Me: yeah?

Guy: what else would you rather do tonight?

Me: have lots of sex?

Guy: that could be arranged

Me: sadly, I am used to awesome sex and am somewhat spoiled by that

Guy: i don’t think i appreciate what you imply

Me: I think imply would be more subtle

I have returned!

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OK I was away for a bit – life, kidney stones, etc. but I am back. The tryout camps in Fresno for the Monsters were awesome. It was so nice to see familiar faces – Lafferty, Kolander, Parkhouse and Freeman and so many others. Three days of full scrimmage games – three days of hockey in the middle of the summer – was just so much fun. Can’t wait ’til the fall…

…but I love Jeff even more…

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